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Privacy Policy

As a local Citizens Advice office, we collect and use your personal information as specified by Citizens Advice.

How we use and store your information

In addition to the information on the Citizens Advice Privacy Policy about how we use your information, we may also collect information from you on this website.

If you use any of the following services on our website, you will be directed to an online form service provided by a company called JotForm:

  • the email advice form
  • the Quids 4 Kids enquiry form
  • the Childrens’ Centre referral form

When you complete and submit any of the above forms, a copy of the information you provide is sent by email to the person who will be dealing with your enquiry and a copy is also securely stored on a JotForm server, which is located in the EU.


A ‘cookie’ is a small text file saved on your computer that is used to store information. The Citizens Advice Teignbridge website only uses an anonymous cookie, which ensures the content of page loads quickly and effectively by distributing the workload across several computers.

Website statistics

Data on visitors to this website is collected by the company who host this site and is stored on servers in the UK. The data collected is anonymous and is used by us to analyse how this website is being used and improve the information it contains.

This website is also registered with Google Search Console and we use the anonymous data provided by this service to help monitor this website’s presence in Google Search results.